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This week there was a big focus on beets , as they were being harvested heavily . A lot of the beets that were harvested were quite large and had a very pretty color on them. Let me just say, beats are not my favorite and I’ve never been a fan. But thats because i have always had canned or pickled ones. Those were the only ones i was introduced too.I was curious to taste them fresh since i had never done so before. So beats were available for staff to take that Friday and i was able to take one small one. I took it home along with some swish chard. I decided to cook them up tougher and make a warm said. Let me just tell you , it was an amazing combo. The sweet beet taste countered the chard taste and balanced so beautifully. It was an amazing meal and let me just tell you I am a fan now !

Here are some cool facts about beets and their benefits :
-Blood pressure can improve
-May drop risk of heart
-May improve stamina
-Help regulate you
-May help fight better against Chronic disease

Here is a picture of my salad that I made.

Heres the lovely beets that are harvested that day !
Look at this heart beet =). This beet reminded me of a heart.