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bay leaf refers to the aromatic leaves of several plants used in cooking. There are a number of varieties, each specific to the locale in which it is grown. They are used to add flavor to any dish from soup to rice.

In the Kitchen

Bay leaves are used around the world. In South Asian and Indian cuisine, bay laurel leaves are sometimes used in place of Indian bay leaf, although they have a different flavor. They are most often used in rice dishes like biryani and as an ingredient in garam masala. Bay (laurel) leaves are frequently packaged as tejpatta (the Hindi term for Indian bay leaf), creating confusion between the two herbs. In the Philippines, dried bay laurel leaves are added as a spice in the Filipino dish Adobo. Bay leaves can also be used scattered in a pantry to repel meal moths, flies and other critters. You can also dry the fresh Bay leaves so you can keep them all year round.


Grilled Salmon wrapped in Lemon and Bay Leaves
bay leaf beet Soup

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