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How does one go about saving the planet?  Is that even a ‘thing’?  What I mean is, can someone really say they are saving the planet and actually really mean it?  And what about holidays like Arbor Day and Earth Day?  Do such national holidays make an impact, can they make a difference?

Earth Day started as a grassroots movement in 1970 and since then it has become a universally celebrated event.  Today over a billion people celebrate the event.  Although saving the planet seems to be the ‘cool’ thing to do these days (or at least to tweet/gram/snap etc) it doesn’t seem to me like there’s really much change going on.  According to recent Gallup polls, 42 percent of Americans still believe that the dangers of climate change are exaggerated, and less than half say that protection of the environment should be given priority over energy production (livescience.com).

I feel my own inner struggle in all of this.  How do I balance knowing what’s right and doing what’s right?  How do I begin to live authentically.  This last Friday I rode my bike to the farm and it was kinda hard.  I really missed the convenience and efficiency of my car.  For me I have a choice to either drive or ride and every time I go anywhere I choose between the two.  Everyday I have the choice to help my environment heal or I have the choice to contribute to the destruction.  And its really easy to go unnoticed doing both.  It’s the little things that lead to big changes either way.  I guess this week I am really feeling how authentic and inauthentic I can be.  I am feeling the weight of the catastrophic ecological disasters that are already taking place and I am feeling the weight of my addiction to convenience and comfort.  I never like to leave things on a sour note, but this week I am feeling a little heavy, for if I can’t rise above my own destructive patterns, how could I ever expect anyone else to do the same.

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