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This is the first week of transitioning to the animal team. It was a bit interesting getting into the swing of new tasks and making mistakes. It’s all about the learning process. Shout out to my green team (I know you aren’t fond of the temporary name) for holding it down and getting the hang of things together.

I find it kind of neat how as we transition there was also a new transition of chickens that came in to the farm. I believe it is going to be perfect getting to know the new chickens and them getting to know us. We are both starting off anew. I have never worked with chickens and I am very excited to master this task. I hope to become really comfortable catching them, they are pretty fast little gals.

Another part of being in the animal team is of course tending to the cats! I love cats o this is quit the treat for me. I was able to get close to one cat as it was eating and I touched its fur briefly. I also hope these cats will be come comfortable with me enough to let me pet them fully.

Really excited to what’s ahead and becoming bffs with the cats and chickens.