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As I walk on the dusted mulch pathway towards Sarvodaya Farms at 8am my body is trying to wake up. My head is groggy, my eyes are trying to make sense of what is in front of them and the caffeine from a Starbucks cup of coffee is slowly blocking the receptors responsible for drowsiness. After I clock myself in I walk into the nursery and immediately my body wakes up. I carefully observe the various trays where the seedlings have not yet popped up and pronounce their presence to the world. My initial thoughts are filled with concern and disappointment. I quickly look at the masked taped tab to check if it was I who planted the seeds. The handwriting always gives it away. Lo and behold it is my handwriting and questions are running through my head. Did I plant them correctly? Did I wash my hands before planting the seeds in each cell? Did I put the correct number of seeds in each cell? Have I not been watering them enough? Why aren’t you growing??! Working in the nursery makes me feel like I am going through motherhood. I have never had a child but whenever I am in the nursery I feel responsible for the seeds and hope that they grow into beautiful successful plants. It gives me great joy when I see the trays with my handwriting growing into cute little seedlings.


The process from seeing these tiny little seeds being planted in the cells to growing into dazzling adult plants fills me up with a lot of happiness. Witnessing the process of life every week inspires me to better my life, my body and soul.